Elevating Community Growth and Wellbeing


The Romero Group proudly presents “Longview at Lakota,” our latest venture dedicated to redefining community standards and fostering goodwill. As the owners and operators of the renowned championship golf course, Lakota Links, within the Lakota Canyon Ranch development, we are taking a transformative step toward cultivating community spirit and ensuring sustainable prosperity in New Castle.

A Comprehensive Community Development

Designed as a comprehensive community development, Longview at Lakota offers a diverse range of residential options, including apartments, condos, duplexes, townhomes, and single-family homes. These offerings are complemented by commercial spaces that align with our community’s emphasis on health and wellness.

Key to our health-focused initiative is our partnership with Valley View Hospital. This partnership will materialize in the form of a prominent wellness center, spanning 12,000 to 15,000 square feet, serving as the heartbeat of the Longview community.

Affordable Housing at the Forefront

Affordable housing is at the forefront of our initiative. We are voluntarily offering over 26 (nearly 15%) of the 185 residential units as deed-restricted units, dedicated to serving the Garfield County RE2 School District, the Colorado River Fire Rescue District, the Town of New Castle, the Valley View Hospital Corp, and Habitat for Humanity. This deliberate decision reinforces our commitment to a valley-wide housing solution, achieved without a required land use code. Through partnerships with local public institutions, we underscore the importance of public-private collaboration in enhancing community life.

Housing advocate Gail Schwartz has endorsed our initiative, stating, 

“Longview at Lakota is a beacon of affordable housing and community wellness. This development exemplifies the kind of housing initiative our region sorely needs.”

A Strong Foundation: Zero Debt

The project commences with zero debt, laying a robust foundation for this community-driven initiative. Dwayne Romero, CEO and President of The Romero Group, echoes this sentiment: “The philosophy of ‘the long view’ connotes a sense of permanency and commitment, not only to the community but also to its sustained wellness. The vision for Longview is to be long-lasting, nicely complementing and enhancing the active lifestyle found in New Castle.”

A 10-Year Vision

Longview at Lakota is in its early stages, with construction anticipated to commence in mid-to-late 2024. The development will be rolled out in five phases over a 10-year vesting period. Our development consulting team includes several long-standing and community-minded firms in the region, including Colorado River Engineering, Connect One Design, and Klein Cote Edwards Citron, PC.

Investing in a Healthier, Inclusive, and Prosperous New Castle

Longview at Lakota signifies far more than a housing development. It embodies our commitment to enhancing community life, fostering well-being, and laying a foundation for a sustainable future. This project underscores the importance of affordable housing, highlights the value of public infrastructure, and shines a light on our dedication to the health of our community. By taking the ‘long view,’ we are investing in a healthier, more inclusive, and prosperous New Castle that we can all call home.

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